Why I Started A Business During A Pandemic

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Hey everyone,

My name is Peggy (you can call me Peg) and I’m the owner of Purposely Custom. I officially launched this company on July 7, 2020. I started with natural soy candles, but I currently sell a variety of items. Click here to shop! I was super excited and nervous since this was my first official business venture. There are currently over 200,000 Canadian small businesses that are in risk of closure amid the coronavirus pandemic. So why did I start during such an ‘unprecedented’ moment in history? Well, there are 4 parts to that answer: 


1. To create a stream of income that I owned

It's clear that the pandemic has shown how unsecure many jobs currently are. I wanted to create something that I couldn’t get fired from. I want to create something that I had full ownership of and that I could eventually pass down if I wanted. As a person of colour, specifically a Ghanaian-Canadian, I think it’s important for us to create multiple streams of income that build wealth for future generations.


2. To have a new creative outlet

I consider myself to be a multi-hyphenate and multi-passionate creative. Creating handmade and hand poured candles allow me to use my creativity in a new way. I get to create loveable scent names like Sweet Baby and mix some of my favourite scents like vanilla and lavender essential oil. I get to design the candle labels and bring the ideas in my head to life! Candle making has definitely helped me unlock a new layer of creativity. I’ve since been able to design and create other products such as canvas prints, and graphic t-shirts


3. To better deal with stress 

Running a business is not stress free but I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the candle making process. From melting down natural soy wax flakes to mixing in my favourite essential oils and fragrance oils, the candle making process has become a soothing part of my busy day. I think it’s important that we find activities that allow us to de-stress , especially during a pandemic. We need to take care of our physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.


4. To help others curate their own space

As we live through a pandemic, I hope we can all agree that our physical space matters. We’re spending a lot more time at home. Plus, who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing space?! This is subjective of course, but I wanted to create candles that would compliment different spaces (I.e. bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms etc). I personally love anything cozy, warm, and calming. It’s so much more gratifying when the candles I've created help make other people’s spaces feel calm, cozy, and warm. 

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